Pukulan Sera

 Pukulan Pak Sera is the art that Uncle Dolf de Vries learned from his father Uncle Ernest (Ventje) de Vries. 

  It consists of specific Pukulan Pak Sera Djurus, Shorter in form than the Djurus, Langkah of Pentjak Silat Pak Sera(h,k)

Dr Andre and his brother Guru Besar Hans are the USA representatives for his system.. 

Holding the rank of

  • Sir Donald Kessing (Pencak Silat Manyang) 7th Degree Black Sash – 1999-2012

  • Adolf DeVries (Pukulan Sera) 7th Degree Black Sash – 1999-2012

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Pukulan Sera Program.


The student will learn the 22 short forms Djuru form the Ernest de Vries line. This is taught in one long form.   Which was passed down to his son Adolf (Dolf de Vries)  . Also to his nephew Maurice de Thouars.  To Dr Andre and his younger Brother Guru Hans KnustGraichen.  The foot work has already been taught to you from the AnakSerak virtual text book. 48 modules.  You Should have already learned.  We Have many hours of documented film footage of the Bapaks teaching the forms.  From many decades,  Oom Maurice, Oom Dolf, Dr Andre and Guru Hans.  Access to view these film are reserved to our Gurus.  For those of you who would like to learn our lineage.  We are currently only accepting students who were on our wait list.  You are more than welcome to Join FFF and start the self learning program of AnakSerak. as presented and taught by the late Dr. Andre . Once you feel you have learned the material you can make an appointment to test and receive your certificate if you pass.  You will be placed on the next waiting list to start the Pukulan Pentjak Silat Pak Sera(h,k) MDT program.   Which will begin with the Pukulan Sera. 22 short form Djurus. 

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Pentjak Silat USA is a program developed to give the practitioner of Pentjak Silat the core of Silat concepts, theories, principles, training methods and applications. It looks at what is at the heart of the fundamentals of Pentjak Silat and presents that to the practitioner. This allows each practitioner to integrate their own body awareness and movement to the circumstances presented without employing a specific style of movement. We are not a new system or style, rather we present a basic platform from which many of the Silat styles operate.

We have at our core a cross section of styles, each one also a cross section or composite of other styles and so on. The advantage to this kind of curriculum is that there are no restrictions to one method, therefore leaving room for exploration.


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